Monday, 4 July 2011

Today's beading class

Details showing the fastening of todays bracelet - I tied a large knot and used an old boy scout trick of whipping the ends with fireline to hold in place and neaten.  I was about to use the pink beads that I had bought at the weekend - when Dot noticed they were plastic and not glass!  She came to the rescue with these ones.

A close up of the 6mm grey pearls that I eventually used for this bracelet.
Twice around the wrist makes a bracelet, and once around the neck makes a choker!

This is a netted necklace that I started last week and only just finished.  It is #11 seed beads and a silver coloured toggle fastening.
 Jackdaw Diaries.....
This little chap has been hanging round my garden since Saturday afternoon.  He flies a bit, but not very well - he likes eating, drinking, hopping on the logs and strutting about.  Looking at his eye on this photo he could possible be blind in at least one eye.  His behaviour is certainly very strange for a Jackdaw.

He does like the sunshine.  He has been seen on the roof of my house and the house opposite.  Yesterday he flew into my kitchen window twice (unfortunately for him it was closed)  and I feared the worst - but he picked himself up, shook his feathers and trotted off.  Today my neighbour said he was around most of the day and flew into my kitchen window another three times.

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