Wednesday, 31 October 2012


halloween display


and a scary black cat for Halloween!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Catch up blogging......

Nice flowers made from crystals on a base of pearls

Close up of same

Only three left to do.  I have now bought a clasp for the bracelet, which I think goes rather nicely - watch this space for when I eventually get around to putting it on!

Card for girl at work who got her M Sc.

Inchies and a twinchie we made a Embroiderers Guild last month

I saw some of these made from fabric at last years Georgia Quilt show - and now the mystery is solved.  This one is made from paper and about 5 inches across.

One of the cards my mummy  made.

Shrinky Dinkies ready to shrink.

View from the top of the viaduct

the viaduct

My last haul of apples from the tree - get them all in before the frost.

Rainbow over Keighley Mosque.

Necklace made on our Caravan Beading Holiday near Grange over Sands.

The garden bracelet finished!!!

Sign in Leeds on the river near the Royal Armouries.

Lino cutting

Printed on fabric.
and That's all Folks! (until next time)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

20 October 2012

 RIP Dave - my little brother would have been 58 today.  Here are the two oak trees I planted on his birthday 4 years ago.

And now..... just to get the blog up to date - here we are with projects up to the end of September.....
Started making this shaggy bracelet

close up showing all the lovely beads I am using.....

....... and showing a it more done.

The bathroom used to be pink.....

..... and now it's changing into turquoise, which is the colour it used to be before I painted it pink!

This was part of the Thornton Scarecrow Festival.... he was sitting just by the railings of the cemetery

mmmmmm nice buttons

And some recent pottery purchases

gravy boat

cup and saucer


one of a set of cups, saucers and plates and large serving plate

cute cat...

crochet baby blanket

Grey Dagger Moth caterpillar - sitting on the decking

the start of a crochet cushion

mini book made from exciting Halloween scrapbook card

inside the mini book

another mini book

inside of same

Crochet square

The base for a rather lovely bracelet... more later

New Hello Kitty purse to replace the old Hello Kitty purse which had almost collapsed!