Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lariat for a rock chick

ha ha....

Bought some cute beads in Leeds yesterday - love the metal guitar

And a ring to attach the lariat

And here it all is... hope you can't see the bit of thread I forgot to finish off before I took the photo!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

A busy month....

A birthday cake for Daddy!
Polly comes to visit from next door

A KAPOW card for Clem... who is 11 years older than my dad!

A KAPOW card for my Dad wh is 85

A crochet cushion for my chair

And another one!

Puss puss likes to help with crochet - just in case I make her another crochet ball with catnip inside - which is her favourite!

A baby blankie for someone at work.

Close-up of said blankie

My DIL crocheted these for me - they are lovely and thick and I don't burn my fingers when getting stuff out of the oven.

Today's activity - so many boxes.....

... so many drawers.... a little something for my Mum to use for storage in her craft room!  It didn't take long to put the unit together, but took ages and ages putting in all the drawers and shelves!

Tink approves of the cushions!