Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bead club update

Embroidery with beads around a cabouchon.  the bead in the middle has a diagonal hole, so I added some beads to hide the thread!  A few more rounds to go.

Last week we encased a large bead with peyote stitch.  To be made into a bracelet with some more of the same

Polly Molly Cat from next door came to check us out.  She sneaked off upstairs to snuggle on my bed.

Happy Birthday Bev of FABBEV

And buns for the tea party that Dot hosted!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

So where's the Apple Tree?

Here it is....

The apples are about 2 inches across at the moment.

This is a miniature tree - growing to about 6 - 8 feet tall.  It has three different varieties of apple, so it's self fertilising! (Technical gardening stuff there - hope you're impressed!)

And while I'm taking photos of the apple tree - here are the two oak trees.  These were planted on 20 October 2008 from acorns taken from my late brother's oak tree.

On Sunday Scrappers they made this little book from a sheet of card - so I made one too - it has spaces for little tags.

Then they made a little wallet - again from a sheet of card - it should have been double sided, but I didn't have any to hand.  I also felt it needed a sleeve to keep it together.

inside - showing the tag compartments

An ATC ~I made to celebrate the jubilee

It stands up like an easel

and this is the inside

Two weeks ago on Sunday Scrappers they showed us how to make a triangle book, I covered mine with 'Paris' papers - we went to Paris in 2000 and I still haven't put the photos anywhere!

I artistically arranged 'French Flag' ribbon around the mini book.

A crochet baby play mat. (hope I haven't shown you this before)  I finished it a few weeks ago.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Glass beads

Well I never thought I'd ever actually MAKE a glass bead.... how cute are these??

The four beads I made

...and the same four beads from a different angle!

I made the black and white stringer, but had trouble making a bigger bead, so my friend took over!!
Made another staircase spiral necklace with black, turquoise and red beads.

close up


And for my Uncle who is 80 - a special golf ball card!