Friday, 13 July 2012

Unlucky Friday Thirteenth - I don't think so!

I found both these tea sets on my travels today, and two plates too.

And had a cup of coffee and a chat to a lovely lady in the coffee shop, who asked where I worked and I told her a doctors surgery and she promptly told me about her husbands illnesses. Didn't have the heart to tell her I am admin not medical!

Have been looking for more geometric designs for a while....

...and then find three on the same day!

How cool is this!
 And last week I also found another tea set....

with a milk jug and sugar bowl

and BLACK saucers

and side plates and a sandwich plate!
This is how one of the other beading ladies finished her bracelet!

This is mine finished - with magnetic clasp

Just love the shine on the bugle beads!
Sunday afternoon was spend sorting out space in a cupboard to store all my beads and labelling the boxes.

Tinks found a woolly thing to play with all by herself because I was being BORING and tidying up!

The first fruits from my garden - the black currant bush has tons of fruit again this year, but the gooseberry bush has only produced leaves!
Happy birthday Mummy - only 87 years old......

...... and cake too - lucky mum! (Unfortunately its vegan, but she didn't seem to mind)
Knitting club over the past few weeks has produced this tangle.  When I eventually sew it all together it will be a MEERCAT.... don't believe me?  Watch this space!

A lady came to the wool shop knitting club this morning and showed us a crochet blanket made with sideways crochet, so I had a go this afternoon and apart from the chain at the beginning being a bit too tight, think it is quite lovely.  This will be my next project (after the meercat sewing up - which may take some time,but only because sewing up is boring!)

Jack came back!  And brought his baby!
Sorry its been such a long blog - but I have been busy even though I haven't been blogging for a couple of weeks! Must do better next time!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mondays beadwork

start of a peyote stitch bracelet

for those of you who don't bead - you add each bead individually and sew with the thread through the beads - it takes a long time, but it's quite good fun!

May the Fourth be with you.... Tinks goes to sleep on my 4th of July cushion - she's soooo cute!
Just had to buy this......