Sunday 11 December 2011

Free knitting pattern - tiny Christmas pudding

This is a free pattern - you are welcome to make for charity purposes - we sold them for £1 each for the local childrens hospice.

Size: 4cm or 1-1/2 inches tall

Double knitting yarn brown and white
size 4mm needles
green felt
3 seed beads
1 Ferrero Rocher chocolate (available in abundance in England at Christmas!!)
few inches of glittery thread

Using brown (leave long tail for sewing up)
cast on 20 stitches
k1 p1 rib for 8 rows
change to white yarn
knit 2 rows
knit 1 row,
purl 1 row
start decreasing :  k1, k2 together along row until last stitch, k1
purl next row
K1, k2 tog along row
p1 row
cut off thread (leave enough to sew up, thread through stitches on needle)

k = knit
p= purl
tog = together

sewing up
Pull stitches on white tight, with right sides together sew up (or sew up on right side - have a look for sewing up tutorial if you have never done this before), stop when you get to the brown.  Start from the other end and sew up the brown.   Fasten off the end securely.

Using green felt cut out a tiny holly shape with 3 leaves (keep it all in one piece) - see photo.  Sew 3 red seed beads on and securely sew the whole thing to the top of the pudding.  Thread glittery thread through top of pudding and tie securely on the inside,  it needs to be long enough to hang on the tree.  Fill with one of the foil covered chocolates.

Hang on your tree.  Make sure you eat them all during the holiday period, they will not have a long enough date to last for more than a few months.  You can keep the knitted part and fill with more chocolates in the following years.

If you make one - send me a photo link.  If you have a problem with the instructions - send me a message and I will try and help.  Enjoy!

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