Sunday, 25 March 2012

The bathroom floor actually gets finished....

A little pattern to go round the toilet....

phew - it fits!

And here it is - all completed - Mum won't get cold feet now!

As you can see - next doors cat Polly is half starved, so she came to help herself to Tink's food

Hey - I'm a SUPER MUM!  I decided to donate £1 to the Sainsburys tombola and for that you got 5 tickets and I won a little gift - told the man selling the tickets I could pretend it was from my son!  He laughed!!

Thank you to the lady at quilting group who said she would make the quilted bag from crochet first - I did this on the bus going to and from London....

Close up of the bag almost crocheted together

And here is the bag finished (apart from sewing in the millions of tails that seemed to be missed when I crocheted it together).

Close up of the handles - think it may need some fabric to line it too.  But that is a job for another day.

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