Tuesday, 6 September 2011


The craft room (which my son kindly vacated about 7 years ago!) is coming along nicely - I have recently purchased a unit to store my 12inch papers in. It has 9 shelves and I have 5 boxes - it will be so much easier to slide each box from a shelf rather than hunt for the box I require, which is usually at the bottom of the pile.  And on the other shelves I have put the stamp trays.  It required a degree in engineering (and a sonic screwdriver) to fathom out the instructions; and I have millions of polystyrene bits to recycle.

Somewhere underneath all this polystyrene is my unit - at least it survived the post!

5 really useful boxes

and some trays...

And here is something furry that seems to be living in my garden - he was very busy this evening scurrying around taking food under a planter.
awww cute!

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