Sunday, 26 June 2011

Shopping trip....

Bought some buttons and ribbon in the market - have a little plan for these - watch this space!!

After coffee at Coffee Love - I wandered round the charity shops and found some more 1960s pottery. 

Two soup bowls with an interesting design - and when I got home I discovered it is the same design but in a different colourway as a set of cups, saucers and plates!
Loved the fruity design on this coffee pot - and only £1.50 - BARGAIN!

Cool lid.
Last week I made yet another beaded choker in the Russian Spiral pattern - this time I used three different large beads and this was the result....

One of the girls at Beading Club had this idea of using different coloured large beads and her green one looked FAB.  I'm pretty pleased with this blue one.

Some lucky lady who has just had a baby is in for a surprise when this drops through her door.  Hope you like it Joe!!

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Alison Gorf said...

Hello Davina
Your beading is wonderful, I love the swirl necklaces. Hope to see you sometime soon at quilting.