Monday, 3 January 2011

Wildlife and Christmas Pressy

Here are a couple of photos of wildlife in my garden......

Black cat called Tia who lives at the end of the road - she must have been STARVING to come and eat the bird food!

Wren just outside the kitchen window....

......he's pecking at the insects in the moss that has fallen off the roof.

Christmas present that took a few weeks to arrive with Tom and Jerri - I made this little album to celebrate Jerri's first visit to Thornton in July.  I took this photo of the viaduct from my bedroom window - it looked spectacular with the sun shining through the arches.

First pair of pages

Second pair of pages

I added shrinky dink plastic gears from Tim Holtz to the page about the Industrial Museum.  You can see the tag which is in between the pages.

A heart shaped sticker from Accessorize on this page.

Some of the tags have writing on them and some I have left blank for Tom and Jerri to add their own part of the story.

I made the paper flowers and added glitter to the centre and petals.

A little dolls house paper plate and the cutlery is a paper punch.

The bus is from the same sticker set from Accessorize.

A purchased fabric flower.

The fabric flower was made from organza ribbon gathered with a button sewn on the front and a string of beads on the back.  I also added a shrinky dink gear and a die cut scroll, which I painted with blue glitter.  It was all glued on with diamond glaze.

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